Reg SchmidtDirector - Zone 3

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I have enjoyed a lifetime pf experience in Agriculture. Growing up and operating our family dairy and our beef cow herd, including backgrounding feedlot (2,500 head) until 2012. Currently, we are a grain operation and grow hay for the equine industry. We still help the neighbors with fall roundup and often consult on cattle health and business issues. 

I am a veteran of FAA; having been a director and the chair from 2001 to 2009, and the GM from 2009 through 2013. I was fortunate yo have worked with a fantastic board of directors through those years, as we worked hard to make FAA a successful organization. Having been a big part of the development of WeCAP, ABFI, and the current Feeder loan regulations, I understand the programs very well. 

Those years with FAA were the most memorable and personally a very satisfying part of my life. My strong passion for FAA continues, and I am proud to be elected as a director once again. I feel FAA makes a big difference for the beef industry in Alberta.

Thank you Zone 3 for your unwavering support.

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