Advance Payments Program (APP)

Cash Advances For Alberta & Saskatchewan Livestock & Grain Producers

Did you know the Western Cash Advance Program Inc. is an Administrator for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Advance Payments Program.  This is a program designed to help producers with cash flow. 

The increased loan limits for the Advance Payments Program (APP) became effective in May 10, 2023 and is available for the 2023 program year.

WeCAP offers:
-Maximum loan limit up to $1 million on all commodities,
-Interest-free portion on all commodities $350,000, and
-Interest-bearing portion on all commodities $650,000.

Learn more about the program and updates at:
Advance Payment Program Link

The Advanced Payments Program (APP) offers:


  • $350,000 interest-free and up to $1,000,000 available to you!
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Increase your Profitability and the Flexibility to sell your commodity when the market is in your favour.
  • Up to a 24 month repayment period, depending on commodity advanced (see application for details).
  • Friendly Staff willing to help you with all your questions and concerns.
  • Production Insurance, AgriStability, LPI and/or GARS Options for Security.

This program is made available by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)

Advance Payments Program 

How to apply for Cash Advances:

The 2023 Application available under our downloads link here (Click on Western Cash Advance)

Please remember to print off your application, sign where applicable then fax or email ALL pages of the Application, Worksheets and documents to us:

Fax:  1-587-635-5672
Email: [email protected]

Advance Rates - effective April 1, 2023 (subject to change)

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

Alberta Rates Saskatchewan Rates
Calves (400 - 700 LB) $1000.31/Head Calves (400 - 700 LB) $997.65/Head
Feeders (700 - 900 LB) $1043.72/Head

Feeders (700 - 900 LB) $1034.02/Head 

Finished (over 900LB and less than 1250LB) $1165.21/Head

Finished (over 900LB & less than 1250LB) $1162.79/Head

Finished (over 1250LB) $1,517.57/Head Finished (over 1250LB) $1,514.17/Head
Bulls Mature (More than 2yr) $2,214.41/Head Bulls Mature (More than 2yr) $2,214.41/Head
Bulls Breeding (Less than 2yr) $1,931.72/Head Bulls Breeding (Less than 2yr) $1,931.72/Head
Cows Mature (has calved) $1,177.88/Head Cows Mature (has calved) $1,177.88/Head
Heifers Breeding (Bred) $1,154.32/Head Heifers Breeding (Bred) $1,154.32/Head
Heifers Breeding (Calf) $800.96/Head Heifers Breeding (Calf) $800.96/Head
Lambs (61 - 79 Lb) $85.36/Head Lambs (61 - 79 Lb) $85.36/Head
Lambs (80 - 109 Lb) $107.67/Head Lambs (80 - 109 Lb) $107.67/Head
Lambs (Over 110 Lb) $134.10/Head Lambs (Over 110 Lb) $134.10/Head
Sheep (Ewe) $        /Head Sheep (Ewe) $           /Head
Sheep (Ram) $       /Head Sheep (Ram) $          /Head
Goat Kids (Less than 50 Lb) $49.71/Head Goat Kids (Less than 50 Lb) $49.71/Head
Goat Kids (50 - 70 Lb) $93.36/Head Goat Kids (50 - 70 Lb) $93.36/Head
Goats Goatlings (More than 70 Lb) $108.16/Head Goats Goatlings (More than 70 Lb) $108.16/Head
Goats Mature (Buck) $            /Head Goats Mature (Buck) $           /Head
Goat Mature (Doe) $              /Head Goat Mature (Doe) $              /Head
Bison Feeder (650 - 750 lbs) $847.78/Head Bison Feeder (650 - 750 lbs) $847.78/Head
Bison Finished (900 - 1050 lbs) $1,198.19/Head Bison Finished (900 - 1050 lbs) $1,198.19/Head
Barley $160.05/MT Barley $155.20/MT
Canola $397.70/MT Canola $397.70/MT
Corn $185.21/MT Corn $147.02/MT
Durum $194.00/MT  Durum $194.00/MT
Fababeans $194.00/MT Fababeans $194.30/MT 
Flax $300.70/MT Flax $300.70/MT
Lentils $320.10/MT Lentils $320.10/MT
Mustard $829.22/MT Mustard $829.22/MT
Oats $135.80/MT Oats $126.10/MT
Peas (Dry) $194.00/MT Peas (Dry) $194.00/MT
Rye - Spring $116.40/MT Rye - Spring $116.40/MT 
Rye - Fall $111.55/MT Rye - Fall $111.55/MT
Wheat - Feed $145.50/MT Wheat - Feed $145.50/MT
Wheat $174.60/MT Wheat $174.60/MT
Winter Wheat $135.80/MT Winter Wheat $135.80/MT
Alfalfa Hay $106.70/MT  Alfalfa Hay $106.70/MT
Hay $87.30/MT  Hay $87.30/MT
Clover Seed - Alsike $0.5820/LB  NA
Clover - S.C. Red $0.5335/LB NA
Fescue Seed - Creeping Red $0.5820/LB NA
Fescue - Sheeps $0.5335/LB NA
Alfalfa Seed $0.6790/LB NA
Bromes Grass - Smooth Seed $           /LB NA
Timothy Hay - Seed - $0.3395/LB  

Completing the application:

Please remember to Print off your Application, Sign where applicable then Fax or Email ALL pages of the Application, Worksheets and documents in to us:

2023 Application available now :  Download Documents

follow the link and select Western Cash Advance

If you have any questions about completing the application, program requirements or about the APP Program, We are happy to help. Please contact our WeCAP office:

Ph: 1-844-333-3377
Fax: 1-587-635-5672
Email: [email protected]