Interest Rebate Program

Real Relief from Interest Costs

Did you know that the Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited administers a program designed rebate a portion of the interest paid on feeder loans?

Benefits of the Interest Rebate Program

  • Interest will be rebated on purchases of up to $250,000
  • Agri-Stability is not required
  • Your Local Feeder Association will fill out any documentation and forward all documentation to the Provincial Office
  • Application Fee may be added to your Feeder Contract or deducted from your rebate
  • Friendly Staff willing to help you with all of your questions and concerns

How to apply

Please see your Local Feeder Association Administrator

Find a Local Feeder Association near you

More Information

Current Advance Rates effective February 1, 2022

  • Feeders (700 - 900 lbs) $870.75/head 
  • Finished (900 but less 1250 lbs) $970.00/head
  • Finished (over 1250 lbs) $1263.25/head
  • Lambs (61 - 79 lbs) $91.75/head
  • Lambs (80 - 109 lbs) $115.50/head
  • Lambs (over 110 lbs) $144.00/head

If you have any further questions regarding the Interest Rebate Program please contact your Local Feeder Association Administrator or you may contact:

Programs Support

Ph: 587.635-5669
Fax: 587-635-5672

Application Downloads