Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited

Purchasing livestock is an expensive proposition. The time it takes to develop a herd from milk-fed calf to market-ready cattle can be long and expensive as Mother Nature cannot be hurried. The Feeder Associations of Alberta are here to help you close that monetary gap from stock aquisition until the eventual return on your investment is realized.


Financial assistance for cattle producers? Tell me more!

We offer financial backing for Alberta ranchers to beef up their holdings and enable them to make a fair profit from their 'stock portfolio'. We invite you to navigate our website and let us show you how we can make your livestock operation a viable enterprise without breaking your budget.

FAA could also stand for "Friends of Alberta Agriculturalists"

Your local Feeder Association is a business partner you can count on that understands the cattle trade completely. Let us show you how we can make a difference; in your herd, in your life and on your bottom line.


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