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I have been involved in the farming industry my entire life. I grew up on a mixed farm in the Keephills area. Over the years, I have raised cattle, grown crops and made hay. Currently we are raising Quarter Horses which we sell as performance rope horses and prospective jumping horses. I have also worked off the farm in various aspects of the agricultural industry. For many years I worked for a large-scale farm, feedlot and cattle custom order buying business. I have owned my own livestock hauling and trucking business and for a time managed a large-scale seed cleaning plant. Most recently, I broadened my skills and worked in the banking industry.

All of my hobbies and interests have revolved around my three children. We are very active with rodeo, roping, sports and trick riding. I actively help with the Canadian Trick Riding Association, local 4-H and the Ridgeview Riding Club. When I have a free moment, I do enjoy reading and try to get some camping in during the summer.

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