Feeder loan program (FLP)

Feeder Associations Loan Guarantee Program

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Additional Membership Categories that now allow Corporations, Joint Ventures and Partnerships to Join

Program Details - Smart herd enhancement

Eligible Livestock

Steers, Heifers, Young Feeder Bulls (no Breeding Stock), Feeder Cows (no Breeding Stock) and Feeder Lambs

Loan Limits

Up to $1,000,000.00 per Person or Operation and there is no longer a requirement for a limit of $100,000 for new or first time members (based on association approval)


LIT Program is offered to all Associations

Security Deposit

5% Security Deposit


How to apply:

Please see your Local Feeder Association Administrator

More Info:

Find a Local Feeder Association near you

If you have any further questions regarding FLP, please contact your Local Feeder Association

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