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When I was growing up I went to school and lived in Edmonton all of my life. In 1995, I moved out to Alcomdale, Alberta, where my husband and I first started managing a small herd of cows along with his children. We now reside in Cherhill, Alberta, on a quarter section of land where we are still involved with cattle and horses. We both work out of our home, and with the help of our youngest son and our daughter-in-law, we seem to get the ranching jobs and calving out cows done. The other kids come out and help us when they can. I have just recently been hired at the Feeders Association in the Administrative Support Position and I am enjoying this very much. When not at work, you can find us both working around our home, inside and out, having fun with our grandchildren, entertaining the family, and eventually, we do find time to rest to start all over again come the break of morning.

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